Supporting the worthy missions of charitable organizations

Foundations, endowments and charitable organizations rely on our team for insightful financial guidance so they can continue to focus on their purposeful missions.

We help them design a well-defined planned giving development program, working with staff and donors to increase awareness of tax-wise gift planning.

Our team collaborates with their directors, board members and other professional advisors such as trustees, attorneys and CPAs to monitor expenses and adhere to a fiduciary standard of care. We are proud to play such a meaningful role in the financial well-being of worthwhile organizations dedicated to improving their communities and the lives of its people.

We feel that a properly structured planned giving program can build confidence in the financial future of both the donor and the charity. Through the Raymond James Institutional Consulting Service group, we offer investment strategies customized to your organization, a philosophy of conservative investment management, and a disciplined process that adheres to well-established fiduciary standards. Our veteran institutional consulting team provides vital services such as Investment Policy Statement review and development, asset allocation guidance, investment search and selection assistance, performance reporting, research and due diligence, and services and education for fiduciaries.

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At Raymond James, we understand the importance of meeting your stewardship responsibilities for both the integrity of your institution and also the projects it supports.

In this video, hear from Raymond James Chief Executive Officer Paul Reilly and Director of Institutional Consulting Services Robert Burns on our commitment to providing expert guidance while maintaining a focus on giving back to our communities.

Backed by the comprehensive resources of Institutional Consulting Services, we can help you make smart decisions about your investment portfolio.