Services essential to your financial life

We offer a full range of services beyond just investment management because there are many facets to your financial life. All play a vital role in the financial independence and well-being of your family or organization. Because of this, we concentrate on serving you in all these areas – so you can focus on the many important endeavors in your life.

Investment Management
Portfolio Review and Proposal
Equities, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments Managers, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Closed-End Funds, UITs
Cash Flow Assessment and Proposal
Retirement Cash Flow Projection Education Funding Sustainability Review
risk management Services
Life Insurance Review and Proposal
Disability Income Review and Proposal
Long Term Care Review and Proposal
Asset Preservation Assessment
Estate Design and Charitable Services
Estate Document Review
Review and Proposal of Transfer Technique
Review and Proposal of Charitable Techniques
Review of Corporate/Business Structure to design efficient strategies for accomplishing personal financial goals
Cash Management and Lending Services
Review Cash Management Needs and Propose Solutions
Assess Needs of Large Cash Positions and Propose Solutions
Assess Lending Needs and Propose Solutions
Investment management

Our objectives are to preserve your wealth, achieve a reasonable rate of return, and counter the erosive effects of inflation and taxes. We know that a proper asset allocation among cash, equity, fixed-income securities and alternative investments can be an effective way to pursue investment goals. Our investment management services include portfolio review and proposal, cash flow assessment and proposal, asset location analysis and income tax analysis.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.

Risk management

We believe a comprehensive financial plan must consider and prepare for the unexpected – such as accidents, illnesses and disability. Our team helps you think ahead and consider different scenarios, then prepare contingency plans to address them. We understand that while risk cannot be eliminated, it can and should be mitigated. Our risk management services include life insurance review and proposal, annuities, long-term care review and proposal, disability income review and proposal and asset preservation assessment.

Retirement planning

Because people are living longer today, the possibility of going 30 years without a paycheck takes careful planning and disciplined investing. We can help you with every phase of planning for your retirement. During your working years, the accumulation phase, we’ll develop and monitor a wealth accumulation plan based on your specific goals and objectives. As you approach retirement, the pre-retirement phase, we’ll assist you with critical decisions regarding retirement plan options, Social Security and tax planning. Then once you are retired, we will determine tax-efficient income and wealth transfer strategies designed to help you in retirement.

Goal Planning & Monitoring

Goal Planning & Monitoring is innovative financial planning software from Raymond James that helps us align financial decisions with your unique vision of retirement and other highly personalized goals. We’ll talk through your goals to assess appropriate asset allocation targets, spending or savings rates, and the probability of achieving those goals – and then share the results with you. We’ll routinely revisit your plan and make any revisions as necessary.

The projections or other information generated by Goal Planning & Monitoring regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Goal Planning & Monitoring results may vary with each use and over time.

Estate planning

Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning can help ensure that your assets accumulated over your lifetime are preserved for the use you have intended.

A well-designed estate plan can effectively help mitigate your family’s tax burden. We can offer financial strategies designed to efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and mitigate related tax issues.

By coordinating our efforts with your tax and legal professionals and working closely with you and your family, we will strive to help you establish a financial tradition that can be passed on for generations.

Charitable giving

Philanthropy can bring personal satisfaction, enabling you to support causes and organizations that matter most to you. It can result in significant tax advantages, as well – including income tax deductions, reduction of capital gains taxes, and lower estate taxes. We can help tailor a charitable giving plan for you that may include a charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, donor advised fund, private family foundation, community foundation or outright gift.

Cash management and lending

We review your cash management and lending needs and propose strategies for filling them. Through Raymond James, we offer ways to access your cash and earn interest on funds awaiting investment. Our cash management services include:

  • Securities Based Lending
  • Tax planning (utilizing lines of credit and home equity)*
  • Cash “sweep” to brokerage account
  • Rewards program
  • Online account access
  • Check writing
  • Overdraft protection
  • Automatic payment/fund transfer
  • Visa® debit card

A Securities Based Line of Credit may not be suitable for all clients. The proceeds from a Securities Based Line of Credit cannot be used to purchase or carry margin securities. Borrowing on securities based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the Pledged Account(s) may be sold to meet the Collateral Call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. The interest rates charged are determined by the market value of pledged assets and the net value of the client’s Capital Access account.

Securities Based Line of Credit provided by Raymond James Bank. Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond JamesFinancial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, a federally chartered savings bank.